Frequently Answered Questions
Q. What do we get for our $150.00 per hour?
A. Lease of a surveyed, classic charter vessel with qualified skipper + crew.
Q. How does a typical 3 hour cruise take place?
A. We leave the birth for a 5 knot scenic of the Wellington wharfs and a close up of fishing boats, tugs and container ships in an area that can not be accessed by the general public. A running commentary through a p.a system on the history and general information on Wellington Harbour can be obtained by request. We cruise out for 1hr 15min, then anchor close to the city views for a BBQ, ceremonies, or dance for 1hr 15min and then a quick chug home.
Q. What if we are having such a great time that we want to extend the cruise?
A .... no kidding often asked and wanted by party goers! No problem, if no other bookings are directly after your charter. Ask about our heavily reduced rates for over three hours out.
Q. How do we cater, are you licensed?
A. To help keep your costs to a minimum we let you cater and decide what and how you wish to dine + drink. We are not licensed but BYO is fine and will be chilled on ice for you. We pride ourselves on chefing a wicked BBQ be it a ‘banger on bread’ or full scale Kebabs, Salmon fillets, Sirloin steaks and jazzy salads. We provide plates, cutlery, salad servers, serviettes, sauces, beer & wine glasses provided with a smile :)
Q. Are there ablutions on board?
A. Ships twice our size often don’t have a head as big and new as whats on 'The Star' !
Q. Whats the music set up on the ship like?
A. BIG ! So big we need a separate generator to run the amps and charge the batteries. 3 way 6``x 9`` Pioneers in each corner of the dance floor and a massive 1000watt Subwoofer create this kauri planked sound ship into a league of its own. Simply Impressive! Cd’s only, BYO or ships library, extensive selections.
Q. Foul weather, what’s the story?
A. I tend to hove to at the wharf in anything over 30knots (65k/ph), 33knots is gale warning or force. The ship loves it but partying passengers and wine bottles tend to become airborne on the bumpy bits.
Skipper is in touch with client the day before cruise to discuss weather patterns and to finalise any last minute queries. Star of Wellington is fully covered so rain is not an issue.
Q. Where do you pick up and drop off the passengers?
A. We are based around the overseas terminal area next to Te Papa museum. More details on application.
Q. If there are any other questions please em@il -
or ...
Andy R Ellings
Ph 04 565 1964
Fax 04 388 8096
025 831 964

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