What’s new on the Dance Boat Cafe'

What’s not new is that the skippers had writers block, hence the webpage has been a bit stagnant, perhaps too many boat parties and the rest in recovery! Charter wise, winter bookings were light and I put this down to no advertising in the belief that word of mouth and being seen and heard on the harbour is in itself promoting our business.

June/July displayed high pressure systems for days on end reflecting calm and mystic fog until a breeze or suns rays moved it on. But generally in the boating world, winter is a time for ships maintenance and pleasure trips with family and friends awaiting summer clients, wanting bay warm evenings and festive end of year celebrations.

Dance scene:

Dozens of groove seekers and hip wrigglers have been pounding the ‘Stars’ kauri decking lately, enjoying a moderate light show within, while watching the city and coastline drift by. Ships library of sounds are now extensive, ranging from fat Drum and Bass to Beethoven with special emphasis on Local and National performers. Patrons are encouraged to BYO cd’s and often DJ the whole cruise. 70’s + 80’s retro have been in huge demand with the many ‘all girls night out ‘and Hen’s parties, we have specially made compilations of the ‘boogie’ tunes.

Charter between 9.00pm and midnight are becoming popular with the trance/techno groups who then go on to clubs in the city until daybreak and beyond. We at the Star of Wellington base our music purchases solely off Radio Active airplay and we trade with Slow Boat cd’s in Cuba Street

New Cruises

Overnighter delighter:

With warmer weather approaching we will be offering ‘The Overnighter Delighter’ experience, consisting a circumnavigation of the harbour then anchoring for ultimate views, weather protection and absence of Noise Control Officers!!!

These Cruises would suit smaller groups who find sleeping a non issue and driving sounds a must.

Harbour Fishing:

We are the Star of Wellington ‘DANCE’ Boat Café,.. not Fish café.

We don’t do fish! This old ex trawler has killed hundreds of tons of scaled, smelly, slimy fish. We don’t do fish!

But you could try to twist the skippers arm!

He’s a fairly reasonable old salt. Hey, you can only ask!

Theme nights, fancy dress:

Often a great way to meet new people or get to know them better by introducing a common objective that all patrons can participate with.

Love cruise:

8 guys, 8 girls? 14girls, 1guy? Even strippers haven’t been unheard of in the middle of Welly harbour to sonic bass beats and night club lights. Pole provided!

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